Homeward Bound is an inspiring leadership and strategic initiative teamed with a science education program on climate and earth system research, set against the backdrop of Antarctica. The purpose of Homeward Bound is to elevate the leadership role of women in science, especially in the areas of sustainability and climate change, and to ultimately have more women with a seat at the table of some of the most important decision-making tables in science and science policy, globally. 


  • elevate each participant’s leadership capabilities

  • educate the team on how polar science can tell us what is happening to our planet

  • refine their skills to design and execute strategy, devising plans for future collaborations as women working towards a sustainable future.

Why Women:

  • women are underrepresented globally in leadership positions and change has been incredibly slow despite increasing dialogue and process/systems changes
  • women are emerging in all universities as significant percentages of graduates, they take up significant percentages of our workforce; however they are in a profound minority globally in executive decision making roles
  • by giving these women the leadership and strategic skills, coupled with a sound understanding of the science behind the state of our planet, could this be the start of a global collaboration of women able to influence policy and decisions towards a sustainable future?

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Education Outreach & Mentoring - Adopt A Scientist Program

As part of the Homeward Bound Women In Science Leadership Expedition, each participant is involved in a project that aligns with the strategic goals of the expedition. Shelley is involved in the Education & Outreach project stream, with her involvement in the following collaborative project.

Antarctic Adventures: incredible women, incredible science - this is an Adopt-A-Scientist program in collaboration with Pinegrove Productions (Perth, Ontario, Canada). Our program, part of the Our Incredible World series, involves having students (grades 6 - 12) 'adopt' one of the women scientists on the Homeward Bound expedition. Students will research their scientists career and ask questions about their career, to the scientist they adopt. In this way, the Homeward Bound women will serve as role models for the students, especially girls, so that they can see the kinds of science careers available for them to pursue. To learn more about our program or to have your classroom participate in the program, please visit the Our Incredible World website.



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photo copyright annette preen

photo copyright annette preen