Youth Environmental Ambassadors Program (YEAP)


The Youth Environmental Ambassadors Program is an environmental learning program for youth (high school and university). It is expedition based and involves 1-2 week long expeditions, combined with leadership and professional development. A key component of the YEAP is environmental storytelling. We want students to become ambassadors for the environment and so participants will be required to produce their own photographic-based presentation and mini-documentary, which they will then present to fellow students at schools in the region where they live.

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We focus on place-based learning - taking students into the field so they can see with their own eyes, the wonder, beauty, and value of our earth's natural environments. Our goal is to inspire students to learn, through transformative educational experiences.

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The best education comes through experience. This is why expeditions are a core component of our environmental education program. The physical challenges of outdoor adventure  also allow students to foster a sense of accomplishment and self-confidence.

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What makes our educational programs different from others is that we use photography and videography as a core component of our teaching approach. Students learn the tools of 'environmental visual communication' so that they can inspire their peers to create positive environmental change.

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